Client:  Empire Contractors

We were happy to work with Empire Contractors located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, Nevada.  This project was designed to be affordable and extremely functional.  Empire operates three separate businesses from a single office, and they wanted to create a unique web design, logo and branding for each business model while maintaining a consistent look and feel across their entire web presence.


Empire Contractors

We were happy to provide a single web site design solution across three separate individual web sites to create a familiar feeling and maintain brand awareness for Empire Contractors.  Each site was based on a single affordable web design with a custom logo, color scheme, SEO framework and content separating each distinctly separate business model.

Empire Contractors Website:

Empire Waste Systems Website:

Empire Snow Removal Website:

Our Task

Our Task

We were hired by Empire Contractors to replace their three old and outdated web sites.  Each site is unique; Empire Contractors | Empire Waste Systems | and Empire Snow Removal.  However, each separate business falls under the “Empire” business model.  Our task was to create a single affordable web design to be used for each of their three individual web sites to maintain brand consistency, while also creating separate custom logos, color schemes, SEO framework and content for each unique facet of their business.  We were pleased with the results.

Skills Involved


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Affordable Custom HTML design
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Individual SEO Framework for each similar but unique web site